PS5 VS Xbox two (Upcoming console)

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Hello, game lovers here we bring out the best upcoming console games that are PS5 VS Xbox two. Twenty-twenty will mark the year of the new console war has Sony and Microsoft are set to go head to head with another round of next-generation gaming releases before you start saving money and looking at pre-order options learn everything there is to know about the consul including specs performance and some of the launch games by the end you’ll be able to tell if you’re leaning towards Sony’s PS five or the newest version of the Xbox.

The names ever since the early nineties Sony has kept things pretty simple with their console name it’s definitely not complicated to follow their timeline and they are sticking with tradition with the aptly named PlayStation 5 or simply shortened to the PS 5 now the Xbox is a whole different story after the original Xbox. The Xbox 360 and the Xbox one we’ve had numerous code names over the years the company now referring to their newest project as scarlet rumours have persisted that the console will be called the Xbox Two,  but there’s been nothing confirmed yet maybe ditching the numbers would be a good thing because there’s no pattern a rhyme or reason to the release game we’ve heard all different nicknames for the Xbox over the years including infer that Bill Gates machine computer console Xbox 720 the extreme box the anaconda and also Lockard they give the video will stick with scarlet either way the only thing that matters is knowing the exact name to tell your parents when they release rolls around so you’re ready to play on day one with the right console release date for the next generation of consoles there’s not going to be a head start for either Sony or Microsoft both companies have slated their release schedules for 2020 . Holiday season Santa’s sleigh is sure gonna be filled with a whole lot of hardware come Christmas twenty-twenty the holiday season is a traditional time for a new console release but don’t be surprised if the vinyl announce a date is more towards late October or early November basically Sony and Microsoft want these consoles to be fully stocked and ready to go by the time Black Friday rolls around following the trends of previous releases do not expect the new consoles to have any sale prices at launch when holiday sales do on some retailers may offer gift card bonuses with the console but the main sales will probably be on launch titles or accessories like after controllers as in the cloud gaming one of the biggest innovations were both the PS five and the Xbox scarlet is the implementation of the solid-state drive or SSD for short there’s no more spitting hard drives in the console which will not only quiet down the devices but dramatically  increased the speed .

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In which games love using an SSD harkens back to the non-loading times found on cartridge games but at a much larger scale games will load incredibly fast transitions between areas will feel seamless and game developers can dramatically expand the sandbox we have to play in the hard drive space constantly being a struggle for larger game library Sony has already announced a unique capability for the PS 5 the solid-state drives will have the ability to only install specific parts of a game for example if you want the newest call of duty game you have the option of installing just the single-player mode or just be multiplayer mode you’ll save an incredible amount of games space by opting out for the whole download plus you’ll be able to have the download complete much faster with fewer data along with them as evil the PS 5  and Scarlett will have cloud gaming features games streams and the ability for remote play on a variety of devices graphics every time a new generation of consoles gets released.

We are wowed by the impressive graphics and detail showcased in the design and that will be no different to the PS 5 in scarlet games will all run in 4K. with impressive visuals right from the start there will be no need to wait it out for the PS 5 pro or the Xbox scarlet super scarlet along with the 4K capabilities Sony has announced plans for 8K resolution options in the future  besides the improved pixels one of the graphic elements which make gameplay truly shine is the implementation of ray tracing already featured in a number of high-end gaming PC’s rate tracing is an incredible graphical feature which much more closely emulates real-time lighting techniques. Well the Microsoft scarlet is rumored to have full-fledged rate tracing the PS 5 will feature a form known as ray tracing acceleration basically franchises like Grand Theft Auto or cyberpunk twenty seventy seven will feel more real than ever with impressive lighting shadows and the ability to realistically showcase lighting details on all types of materials including water stone and even leather jackets the lighting will be a huge. Which asset to gate just imagine assassin’s creed origins with even better graphics it’s a little hard to fathom but will usher in a whole world of realistic game controllers one of the biggest trademarks with Sony and Microsoft are the controllers they’ve released for their consoles for the scarlet expect more of the same with the ability to use previous Xbox controllers along with a new our pro model Sony’s DualShock line is gone through a completely new upgrade involve the name is not official yet we can pretty much call the thing the dual shock five,  wow what a game-changer this controller is gonna be the speaker in the controller will feature improved sound and clarity making it ideal for games to blast sound effects voices and other elements at you the survival horror genre can really take advantage of the speaker the true highlight of the PS five controller will be the feedback analogue sticks in the adaptive trigger the feedback sticks actually allows you to feel the terrain or obstacles you’re going through the general rumble will be no more if you’re walking through the snow.

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you’ll feel it through the stack if you’re driving on a gravel road the feedback will feel a lot different than a flat road your immersion in the game is bigger than before including the adaptive triggers for example carefully launching an error will have a more sensitive trigger than pumping the gas in a monster truck the PS5 controller will also be charged for the U. S. B. C. court and can be used while charging through the consul so there is no down time while you wait enjoying these console details well once the video ends be sure to check out ten rejected video game console rip offs for a collection of consoles you should never buy backwards compatibility as you prepare for the launch of a new console you cannot help but glance at your current library of both physical and digital games we have to give your PS four or Xbox one hooked up to the media center well we have the answer for yeah first the good news Microsoft Xbox owners will get to use all of their physical media and the Xbox scarlet and we’re not just talking about Xbox one day we’re going old school this call it will be backwards compatible with every Re version of the Xbox including the original console and the Xbox-365.

To dust off those old games and have a fun night a retro game in so many gamers are completely left out either the PS why will be compatible with PS4 games but anything before that will likely have to be purchased through the PlayStation store no word yet on how current store purchases will migrate over or if you’ll have to build up the digital library again but both Microsoft and Sony will likely have a massive collection of current and retro titles available for sale launch game no matter how good the 4K graphics look or the controller operates a system is only as good as the games it comes with and so far the PS 5 is announced absolutely nothing when it comes to launch games there will likely be a bunch of upgraded titles like the last of us part two and Marvel’s the Avengers but none of the PS 5 explosives has been featured yet and may not until early summer of 2020 Microsoft on the other hand is already getting fans excited with the teaser of one specific game halo internet the game is already been announced as a launch title and could be the biggest halo game of all time Microsoft has stayed true to the franchise that helps build their consul and many gamers could be returning to the sci fi world hello internet is supposed to have a massive world to play around some sandbox elements and a major focus on the multi player element considering the success of games like four night he’ll infinite could feature a massive hundred player battle mode or even use the advanced technology to increase beyond the 100 players either way the launch title gives Microsoft the edge so far but Sony’s announcements won’t be too far off other forms of media when we’re not gaming both the PS five in scarlet will have a lot of other media options despite teetering on the edge of being obsolete in the gaming world all consoles will feature 4K. Bluray player with movie playing capability standard Bluray desks will work in the device along with the 4K. ultra Blu ray releases along with the desks both consoles will have access to digital media.