Playstation Generation (PS1-PS5)


We all love to look back on the history of the PlayStation console with the rose-coloured glasses but boy have we been through some major ups and downs of Sony over the years remember the ill-conceived concept of the boomerang controller yeah that would have been a disaster so as we all get hyped up for the game-changing release of the PS sorry of let’s go through a little reality check as we take a stroll down memory lane and cover everything you need to know about the journey we’ve been on for the PS one all the way to the PS five.

1.  Playstation 1 ( 1995)












There’s nothing like the original the one that started it all the PlayStation classic now wow no no not the recently released PlayStation classic console with bundled games that was a huge disappointment we’re talking about the top loading celebrate PS one and it’s a little teeny brother the PS one slam the original PlayStation was a game changer for the industry and sparked a console war not because of gamers choosing sides but because of the gaming companies themselves in the early nineteen nineties Nintendo and Sega were in such a heated gaining battle that no one would have conceived Mario and sonic doing friendly Olympic challenges together years later the plumber and the speedster simply hated each other and their parent companies were out to defeat the competition and this is where stony knock at first they were teaming up with Nintendo creating a disk based hybrid known as a Nintendo PlayStation can you even imagine well before the system could launch and before Yoshi got its own three D. platforming game the relationship went sour Nintendo pretty much goes to Sony and the company abandoned the PlayStation concept to release the N. sixty-four sure Sony’s feelings were hurt but they relented and the PlayStation was born in 1994 with the global release in 1995, in other words, thanks Nintendo.


Thank you the PlayStation didn’t even have to lose out on their Yoshi game concept either the whole thing was simply repackaged as crock remember that one it was no crash bandicoot but still a pretty fun early PlayStation title not only did the O. G. PlayStation aim for a new generation of gamers but the bright and vivid worlds of sonic and Mario we’re kind of pushed aside for a greedy and dark gaming style just look at some of the commercials and promotional ads for the system those twisted metal commercials felt like a spin off of Stephen king’s it the consul thrived on the exclusive titles and quickly built a strong gaming community with high speed games an impressive graphics for the time well we look back fondly on some of the top exclusive PlayStation titles like grand juries mo tomb raider Tekken three and metal gear solid there were some scary is denied that we’d rather forget about anybody remember blood Z. three eighty that game felt like a major Mario sixty four rip off and was a Russian pretty much unplayable pile of garbage levels were disorienting felt empty and was a major mass for the PlayStation console luckily there were plenty of other great games to fill the void the rise of the PlayStation also meant the rise of game disc scratches smudges and disc read errors that could frustrate us to no end forget blowing in a cartridge to get glitching Mario to work better one little scratch on your precious B. as one CD could lead to lower crop freezing midair as she made an epic leap third party companies eight of our money as we purchase desk cleaners and laser cleaners or tried all kinds of urban legend cleaning methods like the tooth paste one man who’s the sticker that came up with that besides the game is one of the great concepts for the PlayStation was the controller design concept which has been upgraded over the years but still includes the same basic formula players use for input buttons with shapes for symbols and access to for triggers the analog sticks would not be introduced until nineteen ninety seven with the PlayStation dual analog controller a precursor to the dual shock series of controllers sends the PS five is on the way it’s no surprise that the PS.

2.  Playstation 2 ( 2000)















One was followed up with the PS two but the world of gaming was about to get bigger also he was competing with the Nintendo and Sega still Microsoft was also entering the fray and gearing up for the launch of the Xbox console Sony knew they had to go even bigger and better with the PS two and a boy oh boy did they deliver PlayStation two PlayStation way station to the west basses video game system ever the PS two was leaps and bounds above the PS one and it was even backwards compatible with all PS one games something that Sony would struggle a bed with a down the line it was the year two thousand the future had officially arrived it was the new millennium Sony continued shelling out those odd dystopian gaming commercials but we were all sucked in any way the V. as to ditch the drab grey for a black another design choice that stuck through the years.

Affix memory and processing lead to even bigger and better titles well yeah and the console could play D. V. D.’s which work exploding at the time the PS two came packaged with the dual shock two controller and boy those analogue buttons are smooth as butter the one down fall with the launch the PS two those dreaded blue desk there was nothing worse than purchasing a new game only to open the game and see a blue design printed on the bottom sure it looks cool but those beautiful blue hues resulted in more discreet errors in game overs eventually Sony fix the blue desk mistake correcting both desks and consoles but it was far too late for many gamers and sticking with the whole color scheme of players weren’t dealing with blue disc problems they may have had the red screen error Brady much a sign of a broken PS two for most people the console was about as useful as a brick whenever that red screen ever persisted even with the blue desks piling up the game stops and not selling the PS two was still an explosive success we’re talking unprecedented numbers yes you sold over one hundred and fifty five million devices worldwide and is still ranks as the top console ever sold the only thing that even came close was the Nintendo D. S. and to be fair Nintendo kinda cheated releasing a whole collection of different DS consoles which helped boost numbers up to over one hundred and fifty four million lifetimes sales even with the DS creeping up the PS two will likely remain the king of consoles for a long time if not forever the massive library of games certainly help to the boost in console sales but the true legacy of Grand Theft Auto began on the PS two with the open sandbox world of Grand Theft Auto three that was just the beginning feature GTA staple would outperform the last on the PS two with GTA San Andreas selling well over twenty million copies on the PS two alone never mind the symbol can re releases for other consoles and PC the PS two also thrived on some of the same franchise of the original console grant.

3.  Playstation 3 ( 2006)












the PS 3 would do the same right now nope well kind of only for a select few the good news is the PS three can play all PS one games for your collection safe the bad news only two models from the PS 3 launch were compatible with PS 2 games the PS 3 twenty giga byte non wifi console included a PS two game ship as well as the sixty giga byte model with wifi included both could read all PS two game spot hardware upgrades in the transition to the PS three slim left all that backwards compatibility in the top essentially Sony had a big mass on their hands gamers scrambled to make short showcasing which consoles work with PS two games and which ones didn’t even with the mass Sony still had a lot of promise with the PS three the hard drives could download full games from the PlayStation store the Blu ray drive play HD movies and the clunky PlayStation ports were replaced with the U. S. B. ports wireless DualShock controllers and much better online gaming there’s three would arrive in two thousand six and Sony had some bold predictions about the console despite technology moving faster than any lawn musk SpaceX rocket we had this brilliant quote from Sony Computer Entertainment America had a casket II the PlayStation three is going to be a console that’s going to be with you again for ten years ten years well seven years later the PS three would be replaced with the PS 4 but before that the PS 3 felt like Sony’s way of adapting new technology and getting some of the Kinks worked out as games became more online oriented new titles like call of duty begin making waves and gaining legions of followers no longer were gamers playing four player split screen on goldeneye sixty four they wanted the whole TV to themselves as they connected with other players around the world well up until there was another knowing connection error for Vietnam something so horrible we simply referred to it as the twenty eleven PlayStation network outage for three days no online gaming millions of accounts.

4.  Playstation 4 ( 2013)











Provide yeah it was about time for Sony to launch a new console writing the ups and downs of success story took the positives of the PS two learn from the mistakes of the PS-3 and rolled everything into one for the launch of the PS 4 release in 2013 the PS four completely revamped the dual shock controller sure and add some gimmicky features like the light bar but the comfort and performance was certainly impressive games like Marvel’s spider man uncharted four and the god of war remake had shown the impressive power and ability of the console the PS-4 pro introduced us to the world of four K. gaming and online services expanded to include on demand games cloud based gaming and instant access to all types of streaming services sure launch games like mac were extremely disappointing but the PS-4 didn’t stay stagnant Sony continue to improve the console and deliver for gamers backwards compatibility was completely ditched for all digital classic games which is a major bummer for the wallet but a small complaint among all the great highlights and now we’re here twenty twenty the P. S. five the console wars are more relevant than ever and Sony is doing everything in their power to win this fight is rumored to have removable cartridges for storage will boast a solid state drive for virtually no loading time include backwards compatibility for all past Tony consoles and impressed us all with the new controllers ultra sensitive triggers will make games feel more realistic the analog sticks will adapt to all types of games and situations Sony knows what gamers want and what a letter with standard four K. graphics and the ability for eight case support in the future story has been on quite a journey over the years and that journey will only continue let’s just hope their successes are better than their failures so we can get the most out of a PS 5 and beyond.