Google Stadia (New Gaming Era)

google stadia
Hey, Game lovers, this articles covers everything you need to know about what’s google stadia actually is. And it’s a new game streaming platform coming out in November where you can play games of  60 FPS by simply streaming it from Google service directly to any device bit your phone your computer screen or your TV with apparently. Literally no latency it sounds impossible doesn’t.  actually I show you guys in this video so you can make up your mind for yourself what you think of it and of course all opinions are my own in the video.


So, firstly I want to go over ways that how stadia works and is it for you also is your internet connection even fast enough to play it.  You can actually test this out right now by clicking the link which will take you to Google stadia speed test page, where you can just click test connection and then it will test your internet speed and tell you if your internet connection is good enough.
Moral not late today the next thing I want to go over is how well just stadia actually run do maternal and of course the exclusive gameplay of it running and thirdly what games are we going to see on it cyber punk 2077  will be on it.
 The new what Stokes game is coming on and of course do a tunnel but there’s a whole list of every single game out , I’m falsely how good is the stadia control of that comes with it don’t worry guys if you’re playing on PC you can still play with a mouse and keyboard and of course the most important thing the fifth thing how much does it cost is it worth it and there’s actually free version coming next year which I’ll talk about more in a moment .
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So, Let me start by summarizing what stadia is. it’s a cloud-based game streaming service run by Google well you need to use it is the Google stadia controller which I’ll talk more about in a minute internet on the screen to play on all the processing of the game is done by Google and then the image of what you’re playing is sent for your wifi connection it runs in the chrome browser so you can access it from any device your TV your tablet or your mobile phone .


Though only the Google pixel fine will be supported at launch you can also run it from your computer as well if you want to play with the mouse and keyboard instead of the stadia controller and you can swap seamlessly between these devices. You can literally just pause the game and then on pose it on another device and just carry on playing it I launched the control is actually going to have a boss and for doing this on the fly state is resolution actually changes to my actual internet speed anywhere from 720-P 60 FPS at 10 megabytes per second download speed all the way to 4K 60 FPS out 30 megabytes per second download speed.


Well, traditionally you have a wireless or wired hasty. In my connection to the internet to transmit gameplay and then wireless controllers to issue game inputs but with stadia, you remove the need for buying the console PC and you just have a controller connecting to give stadia service for your wifi. And then it transmits both the gameplay and you input straight into a screen. Also, have a look at Specifications:- 
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But now I want to talk about the stadia controller because his  honestly the best controller I’ve ever held in my life all I just love it takes the best parts of the Xbox controller and the PS4 controller and it makes something that just works really really well it’s comfortable if you have big hands like me or small hands due to the ergonomic button placements .like to just the shape and the tactile feel of it and how responsive the controls all it was just a pleasure to play with it also looks pretty minimal and modern as well and I simply love it it comes in a few colours that you can see .


Hey at launch but also a limited edition night blue found this controller which you can only get if you pre-order the founders additional stadia before it comes out in November which brings me on to my next point how much does this service cost now there are two options firstly this stadia provision for 899 per month which gives you full case 60 FPS five-point one surround sound additional free games and you also get a discount on select games as well now in my opinion 9 pounds a month for such a service especially if you don’t need to buy .


so I mean you could play this for years I’m buying games and you would be saving yourself a lot of money to some people that are definitely going to make a lot of sense but secondly you can get stadia base which is coming to some point next year but it’s completely free the only drawback is you can only play at 1080P 60 FPS.
It may however for some people make more sense to use this depending if you have slow internet speeds on all what I’ll be guessing though is the stadia founders addition which includes free months of stadia pro for free and another three months you can give away to a friend and you also get destiny to the collection which has all the DLC.
In on the chrome-cast and a limited edition nights blue controller which god damn it just looks awesome you can go ahead and pre-order this yourself with free delivery.