Call of duty mobile vs Pubg mobile

call of duty mobile

Call of duty mobile just recently launched and today we’re going to be doing is comparison this amazing game side by side. To a long-time champ pubg mobile and call of duty which game is better. So in order to make a fair comparison, we need to compare these games in a few different ways since this is a battle royale specific comparison. So in terms of battle royale what I’ve come up with is the following:-

1. In-game features

2. Speed of gameplay 

3.  Level of player engagements

4.  Weapon physics.

5.  Map Features

6.  Customizability and Graphics


All of these different aspects will be addressed In-depth. And hopefully from this will come out with a clear winner on.

1.  In-game features:   Both games If you play these games before you’ll know what I’m talking about so. Both games have relatively similar weapons both games have something that flies over the map. And you can drop wherever you want. Both games have zones that get smaller and smaller and hurt you if you’re left outside both have a battle pass. And both games have a common goal for you or your team. Pubg mobile, on one hand, is a very traditional Boots on the ground battle royale. With familiar features, everyone can pick up quickly call of duty mobile, on the other hand, has many more aspects to make the game different there are six default classes, for example, you can have a default perk set to your player when you’re with your team. One person can be the defender you can place a shield downforce team another can be a medic. And deployed a continuous healing station force team and heavy gunfire Even still another can be a ninja. And use a grappling hook to climb atop buildings fast That’s really cool. There is an automatic customizable call out in the game between you. Your teammates and nearby enemies providing a more immersive experience it’s like a much more advanced version of what pubg has. And to add on top of all of this call of duty mobile has something called dog tag revives where if a teammate gets killed they have something called a dog tag appear on their body and if you pick it up off your teammates they can drop back down from a cargo plane that flies over the map Every once in a while. Again Something very characteristic of call of duty games. However, She does have some unique things too.

2. Speed of gameplay: After playing pubg for over a year and call of duty mobile extensively over the past couple of days I can say one thing’s for certain with both games they are very intense. However, the way their intent is very different there is little to argue against the simple fact that pubg. mobile is a much slower-paced game. If you drop down into a relatively high area like pitching key or novo you may find a few teams. But after the beginning of the game, there will be a big fan of time where you won’t get that much action on average that’s the key only until much later , When the circle gets pretty small will you encounter more enemies. On the other hand on average with call of duty’s unique classes. New vehicles like a helicopter and the overall more arcade feeling to the game this battle royale feels more fast-paced.  Where is with pubg-mobile you can expect a game to last upwards of 40 minutes or even longer. In  Call of duty mobile most of the time games will last twenty minutes give or take a few however that’s not always a good thing if you’re wanting a more competitive experience a longer match might prove to be more significant to you and you’ll want to try harder.

3.  Level of player engagements:  In terms of player engagement for your overall average player I’d have to say that Call of duty wins this one. Of course, there are pros to get super into pubg-mobile and can play for hours on end and I get that. I’m honestly probably one of those people who could play for hours on end and never get bored. But take a level 15 player in both games, for example, they are a pro but just the casual gamer you’re going to look at a game like pubg mobile. And see more basic things and it’s more basic gameplay mechanics and a slower match that in call of duty mobile.

4.  Weapon physics:  Weapon physics are very very different with both games contrary to other battery out games that have non-realistic weapon mechanics both of these games strive to be somewhat realistic if you were to snipe someone three hundred meters away in both games. You’ll have to leave your shot in both games I actually feel like things are more difficult in call of duty mobile. Because weapons are less accurate now this could be because I’m playing on in India server and I have a higher paying but It’s interesting regardless take M four in both games and try to hit someone from four hundred meters away if they’re standing still and this doesn’t really have to do with paying at all. You could easily hit all of your shots in pubG. but in call of duty, that not always the case this game has taken into account that only snippers should be used at that range.

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5.  Map Features:  Both games have great maps. Let me tell you  I really enjoy playing on both games because the maps are unique refreshing each and every match and big enough to make it so you don’t have to elbow your way through enemies. Our angle and Pubg is my favourite map in that game. We have to note that pubg currently has several different maps 1. wrangled 2. Miramar 3. St hawk and the candy that’s four different options. And you have a tough time getting bored of the game because of that call of duty mobile, on the other hand, has only one map and there is a danger lurking around it players could get bored kinda quickly since that’s the only one they can play on, however. The Dev soft through this and they ended up creating one of the coolest maps. So I think pubg wins this one.

6.  Customizability and Graphics:   Customizability and graphics are very different on both games. But Call of duty is by far the most realistic looking game as compared to pubg mobile. In this game graphics never seen before on. Blackouts customizability is a little different though both games allow you to customize placement of your controls so you can play with your thumbs or claw method whatever one you choose and honestly, both games have such similar customizability it’s impossible to choose one over the other. Both games are headed by the same company Tencent when the same company ends up supervising over the development. But here Pubg-mobile is still my favourite. I hope you like my articles and if you wanna know more about pubg so checkout this pubg-link .