Best VR Games of 2019

best vr games

So when you heard about the best vr games, its sound likes Sci-Fri games or something like Iron man Jarvis & its never-ending magic experience to that technology. here I will show the top 6 best VR games that emerges you to the next level and compete just like a game war and if you want to play this type of game then go for VR devices, So without delay, let’s get started.

1. Project Cars (Pagani-edition)

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Project cars are the super Awesome VR games that emerge you the most. It is the free racing game understand by the largest racing game of out of there it’s limited. In the car, you can choose a track that you can it, but it’s highly polished & also it’s very challenging, although I should not say that this game is usually a very good game, you may find out the challenges ideal where both competitive racing and also live time trials. During the race, you can choose the perspective, so if you want to sit inside the Jarvis seat or above, the choice is yours, you need to have a keyboard or a gamepad to play this game.

2. Robinson the Journey

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Robinson the Journey is the fantastic awesome VR game that takes you to the next level and it is compatible with both HTC vive & Oculus Rift VR device. This game takes to the new world of the mystery adventures where the ice of robin & to the unknown spaceship where dinosaurs live. without any doubt, an excellent opportunity to interact with the land without invitation & creature in this place. Robins goal to find out the 5 capsules to safe. What happens to the ship and their bring on the safe area, explore the jungles, talbots and even the mothership, along with his floating robots and like a baby dinosaur.  this game that is characterised by its great realism, thanks to its Awesome graphics Quality.


3. Elite Dangerous

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Elite dangerous is spaceship type of VR game that full of intensifying graphics looks and better gameplay. It is available for both platforms like HTC vive and Oculus Rift, so in this game, you were live in space adventure in which you have to better gameplay skills & survive in this galaxy, everything starts with a small spaceship the more you play & more battles you win and in this way you will be able to expand the game more also power t the feature opponents that become part of the lead REX. This game is located in the ERA that full of inner-cell wars and that is changing the creating new opportunities of each player live the experience in the large space design so far, where you can use the SOLO mode or open play mode, which you can analyze the battle mode with a player around the world.


4. Star Trek Bridge Crew

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Star Trek Bridge Crew game is similar to its movie that’s called ” STAR TREK” and be a part of star trek of the universe in a virtual reality game that you will put you in the charge of the USS ages & the crew. your objective will do explore the are of unknown space land called Large and Shera to find the Herbidal place & new home for the population of volcania.  This is the game where you will have to plan, Strategic and most of the abilities in those of crew. In additions, you can use the Co-operative mode for 5 player and the side between being “captain, Engineer, kernel, technical staff etc”. You can also use the [ IN PROGRESS ] Mission mode and is compatible with HTC VIVE, Oculus Rift & Windows mixed reality.


5. Assetto Corsa

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Assetto Corsa is the finest car racing game if you like F1 race then this the good choice. It has an immersive dynamic environment with which you have a good level of game engagement and will be able to experience super hyper-realistic driving. thanks to the co-operative car manufacture who have been made the best appearance.  In this car, heats cycle include granular & ampoules very advanced Aero-dynamics simulation with an active mobile element with aero parts. This game has legendary tracks like “Monza, Sliver-stone, Mugello” etc. It also has a very big-branded car company like  “BMW, Ferrari, KTM, Lamborgini, Pagani, Porsche” etc and in this game, you can use Race mode, which you have a list of Advanced race and you will be able to participate the customizable the single-player in multiplayer challenges that include fast races, Championship etc. This game is available on HTC view, Oculus Rift.


6. Sky Rim

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Sky Rim is very unique and uttermost gameplay, it is epic fantasy adventurers that explore new magical land and Astro-dragons. In this mid even game, you will play the evil dragon-balls. A hero of the proficiency born of the power of voice and the only one who will able to defeat the dragon. This is one of the games that has been highly valued by its CITRIX and player, which shows that being properly transacted into the new virtual reality game format. Well the original game almost 7 years old, in the graphics Quality I Aspect that it is mandated to the jump. The universe of this game full of stories and characters that formulated the world, in which you can walk interactions with peoples. this story is depending upon your actions, no doubt this the game which you can experience a great depth and emersion control over the different setting. You can move to anywhere with the help of teleportation, it is available on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift etc, you can also check out my previous Cricket VR game.