Best PC Games 2018-2019

best pc games 2018

Peoples are got crazy about the games not only the 📱mobile game but also in the  🖥 pc games Today here I will show you the top-notch Best pc games in the range of 2018-2019 according to their gameplay & stages which people like most and really take interest for playing this game, so without delay Let’s get started.


fortnite mobile










Here Fortnite is the topmost trending or latest game  in all platform not only in PC but also in Android  | Xbox | Playstation 4 etc.  many peoples were playing this game on their device and enjoy their day, but today here we talk about its gameplay and minimum Hardware requirement for play this game, so let’s get started. This is a Royal battle game in this game peoples are battling & shooting each other just like same as pubg game and have to survive till the last.

Minimum Requirements:
  1. RAM: 8GB DDR4
  2. Graphics card: Nvidia Geforce 1050ti and its upper models
  3. Processor: i5 8th gen 












Here Pubg is the most popular & trending game I already wrote pubg game article  click here for more details

3. Max Payne 3

max payne 3










Max Payne 3  is the third-person shooter game and personally I loved this all game part. Their previous version has Max Payne 1 | Max Payne 2. But we probably talk about that 3rd part which is pretty Awsome, it includes a lot of challenging tasks  that you have to do it very full of concentration mind also it has many chapters that you have to complete it just like “NYPD”😜 famous dialogue

Minimum Requirement :
  1. RAM: 8GB DDR3
  2. Graphics card: Nvidia GeForce 820M
  3. Processor: i5 4th gen 

4. GTA V












GTA V is one of the most famous and older game in our game industry and it has become more popular nowadays. peoples are still playing this game with full of joy, it has many stages and also it supports the online mode which you will be able to play with your other online opponent & defeat them. Now have a look at its minimum Requirements for play this game.

Minimum Requirements:
  1. RAM: 8GB DDR4
  2. Graphics card: Nvidia Geforce 1060 and its upper models
  3. Processor: i5 8th gen 

5. NFS most wanted

nfs most wanted









NFS most wanted game is popular since from our childhood, it has many parts like NFS1, NFS2, NFS underground, NFS Rival etc. but the mainly famous game is NFS most wanted and their Limited edition also its graphics are super awesome & Marvellous, you enjoyed a lot while playing this game. this game has multilevel stages and hide & seek with the cops🚔. If you have busted then the game is over.

Minimum Requirements :
  1. RAM: 4GB DDR3
  2. Graphics card: Nvidia Geforce 820M
  3. Processor: i3 6th gen



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