Best exclusive games for PS4


Here, Today I show you the best top exclusive Ps4 games like spiderman etc which include a lot of fantastic game-play and its intensive looking graphics. All games are super cool 😎 & they deserve in that list, so without delay let’s get started.

1. God of War

god of war










Here God of war is the topmost trending and exclusive game for ps4. It is still more popular and peoples want to play this game. But this game is only available on PlayStation, Xbox user can’t play this game because of exclusive policy. so now talk about that gameplay and its graphics Quality, so here we firstly start with its gameplay which is super awesome and fantastic. In that game, there are two major characters 1. Kratos 2. His boy both of them play an important role in this game. This is full of Adventures game where Kratos revenge its wife death and Combat all of the dangerous monsters. So in the terms of Graphics Quality that is super Realistic & it support Full 4K HD with 60 fps that makes it better output.

2. Spiderman













Spiderman is the most famous game since the ’90s, all the children loved this game well in that period this game was available on PC. But nowadays it is available on console games specially for Playstation that’s the good news for PlayStation gamer but it’s sad for Xbox gamer. so now talk about its gameplay & its graphics Quality which is pretty awesome that makes feel good to the PlayStation user. this game also belongs in the adventurous section and gamers can play this game freely its control is stable. This game has so many different-different locations and stages which will be unlocked as you cleared the stages.

3. Uncharted 4

uncharted 4











Uncharted 4 is really a super cool game which is an exclusive game for PlayStation. And it is an Action-Adventure game that is an emulsify gameplay. And its role very awesome different types of situations under the supreme conditions that manage a very cooperative way. And its graphics Quality are super real that is the best thing in that game, you can do anything in this game full of dangerous tasks. 

4. Horizon Zero Dawn

horizon zero dawn













Horizon Zero Dawn is an Action Role-playing game which includes lots of adventures and different types of aliens obstacles which are the main challenging things to defeat them and survive into this game. This is another exclusive game for PS4 which are really good things for PlayStation users and their Graphics are really super cool. And when we talk about the Gameplay and its character that are weird things into these games. Here all are the frictions character dream-land like a fairy tale which is extraordinary things.